The Investec Wealth Forum - Henry Blumenthal on navigating an “accelerating present”

Henry Blumenthal on navigating an “accelerating present”

4 September 2017

In a world where “data is the new oil” and AI is replacing most jobs as we know them, how do we navigate all the change?

Henry Blumenthal

Chief Executive, Investec Wealth & Investment SA

Henry Blumenthal, Chief Executive, Investec Wealth & Investment SA, opened the #InvestecWealth Forum with insights on the impact of AI on our lives.

In a world where “data is the new oil” and AI is replacing most jobs as we know them, individuals and businesses need to collaborate with trusted partners to find solutions for navigating the change.

Opening the flagship #InvestecWealth Forum in Cape Town and Johannesburg in August 2017, Henry Blumenthal cites facts on new frontiers including AI, genetic medicine and data to set the scene for the conference: how to find international investment opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The event brought together global leaders in their fields including two of the world’s leading investment managers, Sunil Thakor and Dave Iben. Sean Fitzpatrick, Lesetja Kganyago and Stephen Koseff were also amongst the line-up of illustrious speakers, while The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah entertained guests.

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Time codes for Henry Blumenthal’s video

05:00 “What will humanity do with the third millennium?” – key points from Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by futurist Yuval Noah Harari

01:21 The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the job market

02:01 Google subsidiary Calico and genetic medicine

03:15 Impact of ageing population on retirement funding, estate planning and philanthropic ambitions

03:42: Great investments and investors are a collaboration

04:10: AI is a powerful example of a new frontier. “It will be able to replace 80% of jobs as we know them today”

05:05: Investec Wealth’s ethos is to “bring our clients the best of what the future has to offer”

05:20: Global Investment Strategy Group

05:46: “Data is the new oil”

06:36: Amazon Prime know more about us than our own families

06:47: “A tribesman in the Masai Mara today has more access to info than President Bill Clinton had 15 years ago”

07:04: “At Investec, we are not frightened of data, we use it to make our clients lives easier, but in a human way”

07:17: Investec’s One Place strategy incorporates seamless access to banking and investments.

08:00: Investec Wealth & Investment awards

08:42: “We live in an accelerating present”, says Yuval Harari, one of the consequences of which is that predictions become extremely difficult”

09:07: Investec Wealth Forum speaker line up

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