The Investec Wealth Forum - Watch video: Sean Fitzpatrick on “The Art of Winning”

Watch video: Sean Fitzpatrick on “The Art of Winning”

9 August 2017

The former All Blacks captain shares his insights into winning on and off the pitch, sharing the five pillars that have made the All Blacks the most successful sports team in the world.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Former All Blacks Captain. Chairman Laureus Sports Foundation, New Zealand


Sean Fitzpatrick, former All Blacks Captain and Chairman Laureus Sports Foundation, New Zealand, recently spoke about “The Art of Winning” at the Investec Wealth Forum in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Sean played 92 test matches for the All Blacks, captaining them in 51. He also holds the world record for the number of successive test matches (63). He took over as captain during a time of transition for the All Blacks, and was instrumental in setting the team on its path to become one of the most dominant sports teams of all time, as well as one of the most iconic brands.

Sean shared the All Blacks’ five pillars of success with a crowd of Investec Wealth & Investment clients, and gave insights into the importance of culture, teamwork and remembering your losses more than your wins.

Here are some of the most memorable comments by Sean:

  • “That’s why the All Blacks are the best team in the world. They prepare better than anyone else. But with preparation comes sacrifice – which most people don’t like.”
  • “It’s important for us [the ex-captains of New Zealand] that we make sure we continue the art of winning.”
  • “When people ask me who I played for, I love to say I played for the All Blacks.”

Watch the video here:


Scroll to the topics that interest you using the time codes below:

00:08: “The art of winning” and how Sean became captain “for the greatest sporting team ever”, the All Blacks

00:30: Sean on his most memorable game

01:30: Sean on wanting to write a book about captaining the All Blacks from 1992-1997/98

02:24: The 5 pillars of All Black success

04:24: The importance of instilling a winning attitude in your children and in your business

04:47: “I expect the All Blacks to win”

05:21: The 35 living All Black captains are keeping the legacy of the jersey and the “art of winning” alive

06:06: “People create a successful team. The people are your culture”

06:48: “I played 63 consecutive internationals”

07:25: On retirement – “I couldn’t let go because of the fear of failure”

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