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Scale and experience

As the largest private client manager in South Africa and the third largest in the UK, we have the kind of experience the modern investor needs. We have R322.3 billion SA assets and £35.6 billion UK, European and Asian assets under management.

Bespoke services

To us, you are more than just a number, which is why we offer uniquely designed products and services that take your precise needs and circumstances into consideration.

Global footprint

Investec is one of the only truly global investment houses in South Africa. We offer a rigorous global investment process that draws on the expertise of the finest minds in South Africa, the UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Mauritius and Guernsey.

The Investec Wealth Forum 2017 - Henry Blumenthal
‘We focus on your specific needs, life stage and risk appetite when formulating your investment strategy. This is underpinned by a truly international investment process and offering.’

Henry Blumenthal, Chief Executive, Investec Wealth & Investment, SA

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Invest offshore

In an uncertain world, global diversification should be mandatory for the modern investor. Make smart decisions for your portfolio with a combination of expert advice and access to the world’s leading companies and fund managers. Find out more about our offshore investment offerings.


Global Leaders

In every sector, there are global companies that display a significant competitive advantage. The Global Leaders portfolio lets you invest in US, UK and European-listed companies that are true leaders, and show every sign of continuing to be.

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World Axis

Follow the leaders. With the world axis suite of multi-manager portfolios, we seek out the world’s leading fund managers to create a global, diversified portfolio.

The world’s leading fund managers at your fingertips

Offshore investing platform

Get the portfolio that’s specific to you. Using global insights and expertise, we work with you to define your exact investment needs and goals, and create an offshore portfolio that meets them.

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Offshore stockbroking

Get access to 20 of the leading global exchanges in the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia, through our offshore stockbroking desk.

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A wide offering to preserve and grow your wealth

Wealth management

We work with some of South Africa’s leading individuals and families to preserve and grow their wealth. We can do the same for you.

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Portfolio management

Whether you are looking to grow your wealth or generate income, our expertise can help you realise your investment goals.

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The right partnership results in smart investment decisions.

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Offshore investments

Global diversification is a necessity for the modern investor. Investec’s offshore investment offerings give you access to the world’s leading companies and fund managers.

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Retirement services

Placing your investment in a suitable retirement vehicle or pension fund is one of the best ways of achieving your investment goals.

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Online trading & investing

Giving you the platform and tools to manage your investments yourself.

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Global investment process

Leveraging off our international network

We ensure your investments benefit from a global perspective and experience across markets.

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Local knowledge, international expertise

We are an international investment house with operations in 5 countries. This gives you access to local and offshore markets. Whether you want to grow or preserve your wealth, you will benefit from multi-faceted, in-depth global investment processes, as well as comfort in scale, augmented by our global reach and continuous growth.